*What's SCAI Lab?* Smart City with Artificial Intelligence Lab.
*How to pronounce SCAI?* /skī/ -- Sky.


The goal of SCAI lab is to boost smart city development with the power of artificial intelligence, and to train high-quality, world-class academic citizens.


Our comprehensive mission is to work on advanced and 🔥 projects with a leaning towards two of the major components of smart cities: intelligent transportation systems and smart energy systems (especially smart power grids) with deep learning techniques.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Recent years have witnessed the advent and prevalence of deep learning, which has provoked a storm in intelligent transportation systems. We work on data-driven intelligent transportation system applications, to name a few, traffic data analysis/cleaning/augmentation, traffic flow/speed/time estimation/prediction, traffic congestion/risk prediction, traffic sign control.

Smart Energy Systems

Due to the complexities and uncertainties of smart grids, deep learning techniques represent some of the enabling technologies for their future development and success with the high volume of information being collected. We work on demand forecasting/response, power stability assessment, fault/cyber-attack detections, and microgrid management.


We are always looking for hard-working, smart and driven students that are excited pushing forward smart city development with artificial intelligence. If you are a prospective postdoc, PhD student, or RA, read our application document. If you are affiliated with SUSTech, feel free to visit me or (junior and senior undergraduates) collaborate with me on your innovation projects. If you are an undergraduate, master, or PhD student from other institutes, I welcome you to visit the lab and exchange knowledge.


Dr. James Yu 余剑峤


James Yu Principal Investigator
Shiyao Zhang Post-doctoral
Christos Markos PhD Candidate
Ying Wu PhD Student
Yixuan Yang PhD Student
Chenhan Zhang Research Assistant
Xiaozhuang Song Master Student
Yuanshao Zhu Master Student
Yongchao Ye Master Student
Yunjie Huang Master Student
Shuyu Zhang Research Assistant


Ms. Jiashi Gao; Research Assistant 2020-2021; Next hop: PhD at SUSTech, China.
Mr. Yi Liu; Visiting Student 2019-2020; Next hop: PhD at Monash University, Australia.
Ms. Anni Li; Research Assistant 2020; Next hop: PhD at Boston University, US.
Ms. Xiexin Zou; Research Assistant 2019-2020; Next hop: PhD at PolyU, Hong Kong.
Ms. Ziwei Wang; Research Assistant 2019-2020; Next hop: PhD at UTS, Australia.